Carnegie Arts Centre Kenmare

Technical Specifications

Here you can find technical information regarding the lighting and sound system specification here at the Carnegie Arts Centre Kenmare.

Audio Visual Equipment

  • Mixing Desk: Dynacord CMS 1600
  • Speakers: 2 x Dynacord D12 Speakers FOH
  • On Stage Monitors: 2 x EV Zx1 Compact monitors
  • Amplification: Dynacord Linear Precision Power Amps CL1600 2 X 800W
  • Equalisation: DBX Graphic Equalizer 1231
  • Microphones: T.Bone Case DC 500 – Instrument Set (5 Mics) 7 x Shure SM58 Microphones 2 x Shure PGX Wireless Mic’s 2x Shure PGX Wireless Mic’s clip on
  • Various active and passive DI boxes. VCR: JVC Video Player
  • DVD: Denon DVD Player
  • Blue Ray: Panasonic DMP BDT300EG
  • Mini and CD player: Tascam MD CD1, Minidisc & CD Player
  • Projector: Christie LX 66 Digital Projector

Control Room / Equipment Photos